Empire Zoysia


Empire Zoysia is sometimes known as EZ grass, or easy grass. This variety is a versatile, adaptable lawn, well suited to Australian conditions. EMPIRE has performed well in both sandy and clay soil types, with aggressive growth from its runners and rhizomes. It can be mown with a standard rotary mower due to its ideal leaf width and open growth habit.

Empire Zoysia has a deep root and rhizome system providing it with unmatched toughness. If you want a fast growing lawn fertilise, however if you want a slow growing, lawn that still wears well ad requires less mowing, simply limit the fertiliser. This turf allows you the choice of growth options – fast or slow. For most situations, yearly fertilising should be sufficient. If however, you have a higher wear area, then you will need to fertilise more frequently.

  • Under the right climatic conditions it requires very little maintenance
  • Resistant to insects, diseases, weeds and drought.
  • Copes well with shade
  • Extremely water efficient
  • Empire Zoysia is easy to keep looking good in hot, humid regions, while its performance in other climates can be variable
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