Wintergreen Couch


Wintergreen Couch is a semi dwarf improved selection of warm season grass with fine stolens and leaves and has been in the market for over twenty years. It has a deep root system and a hard wearing surface with a soft leaf texture. An ideal grass for sporting surfaces such as golf courses, tennis courts, ovals and bowling greens.

  • Medium growth rate
  • Stands up to wear and tear better than most other grasses, so it is the perfect option for heavy traffic areas
  • Can be mowed close to the ground – in summer approximately every 10 – 14 days at 10-15mm to assist in keeping its formal appearance and to also minimise its tendency to “thatch up”.  In winter mow every 3 – 5 weeks at a height of approximately 15-20mm.  In Spring, mow very low and fertilise.  This allows the thatch that has built up in your lawn to be removed and allows the new stolen growth
  • Suitable for commercial or residential properties Soft to the touch as it has a fine texture and a dense growth pattern
  • Holds its colour well over winter
  • Drought tolerant
  • Requires moderate fertilising and watering to maintain appearance and durability
  • Low-maintenance grass that thrives best in full sunlight, preferring positions where it can receive about seven hours of sun a day

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