June 15, 2021


  • Most grasses need to be mowed to a fairly low height in spring.
  • This helps to prevent a build-up of thatch that can give a straggly appearance to a lawn. Ensure that your mower blades are sharp — dull blades can damage the grass and cause a fungus disease called ‘grey leaf spot’ to develop. Aerate your lawn at the beginning of spring to get the most out of the season.
  • Control weeds, diseases and pests, which may thrive in the warm and humid spring weather. Prepare your lawn for summer by fertilising it thoroughly in spring. Use a lawn appropriate fertiliser such as Sir Walter Premium Lawn Fertiliser. This will ensure that your lawn will be greener and more resistant to diseases, pests and weeds. It will be ready for the heavy use caused by hectic summer activity.

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