June 15, 2021


  • To care for warm season grasses, raise the height of your mower blades before winter arrives and keep them high until the warmer weather of spring arrives. In winter, your grass will be growing somewhat more slowly, so you can get away with simply shaving off the top of each leaf, along with the seed heads of any intruding weeds. The longer grass will allow for more photosynthesis and ultimately a greener lawn throughout the season.
  • Your lawn will need as much light as possible during winter. It is sensible to prune trees to allow more light on your lawn from May until the end of August. You should also ensure that you remove fallen leaves and lawn clippings from your lawn as soon as possible to allow all areas of your lawn to thrive in winter.
  • Winter is a good time to deal with broad leaf weeds. Take care of them before they get away from you in spring. For soft-leaf buffalo grasses such as Sir Walter and for many other lawn types, Sir Walter Weed Control is a spray that can be used to eradicate problem weeds such as dandelion, bindii and clover without damaging the lawn itself.
  • Prepare for the growth of spring by sharpening the blades of your mower.

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