June 15, 2021

Here are some handy lawn tips you can incorporate to keeping it looking great, all season-round.
  • Know your lawn. What is kind to one lawn may be cruel to another. Different lawns will have different requirements for their soil type, mowing height, shade levels, watering frequency, fertilisation and weed control. Knowing the particular requirements of your turf in Queensland will mean that you can give it the care it really needs.
  • Mow to the correct height for your lawn. Different mowing heights will suit different grass varieties, and mowing your grass to the correct height at the correct time of year will be very important for its health.
  • Check the ph levels of your soil every now and again. The combination moisture, light and pH tester available to buy at the Brisbane Turf lawnstore is a perfect pH testing tool. It also tests levels of water and the amount of light reaching your lawn. The ideal pH for most lawns is between 6.5 and 7.2. Agricultural lime should be applied if the soil is too acidic, and agricultural sulfer should be applied if it is too alkaline.
  • Aerate a compacted lawn (water the night before) — garden fork, machine hire, sandals. Lawns can become compacted through heavy use, and this inhibits the growth and health of the grass. Test for soil compaction by thrusting a garden fork into the ground. If it will not easily push in further than halfway along the prongs, it may be in need of aeration. Water the ground thoroughly the night before you start aerating, to soften the ground. You can aerate using a garden fork (push into soil and move back and forth, repeat at increments). Alternatively, you can buy or hire aerating equipment.
  • If you have dogs, you may find that your lawn develops yellow urine burn patches. This can be prevented with the product Dog Rocks, which should be placed in your dog’s bowl to reduce the levels of nitrate in the water it drinks. Dog rocks can be purchased from the Sir Walter website.
  • Be aware of pests, weeds and diseases that can affect lawn health and apply control methods early.

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